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Сайт Британской Королевской Семьи.http://www.royal.gov.uk/


Her Majesty The Queen
Early life, Education, Marriage and family, Accession and Coronation, Public life...
The Queen and the UK
The Role of the Monarchy, Queen and Government, Queen and the Law, Queen and the Church, Queen and the Armed Forces ...
The Queen and the Commonwealth
About the Commonwealth, The role of the Monarchy in the Commonwealth, Commonwealth members, Queen and overseas territories, Queen and Australia...
The current Royal Family
The Duke of Edinburgh, The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William, Prince Harry...
The Royal Household
Royal Household departments, Working for the Royal Household, Royal finances, Transport, Official Royal posts...
History of the Monarchy
English Monarchs (400 AD - 1603), Scottish Monarchs (400 AD - 1603), United Kingdom Monarchs (1603 - present), The House of Windsor from 1952, Archive footage video gallery...
Charities and Patronages
Search Charities and Patronages, Royal involvement with charities, Suggesting a Patronage, Video gallery, Image gallery...
The Royal Collection and other collections
The Royal Collection, The Crown Jewels, The Royal Philatelic Collection, The Royal Archives, Official gifts to The Queen...
The Royal Residences
Overview, Buckingham Palace, The Royal Mews, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, The Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace...

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Библиотека Конгресса США. http://www.loc.gov/index.html


Resources for...
Kids, Families
General Information
About the Library
Concerts & Events
Support the Library
Shop the Library
Inspector General
More Library Resources
American Folklife Center
Braille, Audio Materials
Copyright Office
Copyright Royalty Board
Kluge Center
Law Library of Congress
Research Centers

Зайди и используй! useit.vn


 Колеекция Flash сказок на английском языке.
Latest News
Battle of the Bernabeu
Jordan Romero, 13, 'becomes youngest to scale Everest'
Indian plane crash kills scores
Stocks tumble as worries about Europe return
Jobs made phone call seeking return of lost iPhone Today's Knowledge
The Olympic Rings
Ohio River
For English Learners and Teachers 
Useful tips for learning English better
English lessons
Teaching tips and classrom activities
Lesson plans

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E mail для Санты. http://www.claus.com/postoffice/index.php.htm


Опять Санта! http://www.claus.com/index.php.htm



Santa Claus is really excited you've come to visit, and he has the North Pole Village full of fun things to do for both kids and parents, including lots of new things this year. Check your Naughty or Nice rating. Choose your very own Elf Buddy. Play games in Elf School. Print your Honorary Elf Diploma. Sing along with new original Christmas songs. Try funny holiday recipes. Visit the amazing Toy Workshop. Send E-mail to Santa Claus. Follow Santa Claus in his sleigh on Christmas Eve. See how many cookies Santa Claus eats on his trip. Wonderful illustrations and a creative family experience. CLAUS.COM is one of the top-rated Santa Claus websites and is known around the world.


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О, Санта! http://www.santaclaus.net/

Santa Claus here and welcome to SantaClaus.net. I can't believe that Christmas will be here again so soon. I have never seen Rudolph's nose so bright but I bet you are even more excited than Rudolph. Well you should be because this is going to be the best Christmas yet!
We've added some new stuff to SantaClaus.net this year. Make sure to check to see if you are on my Good List, play some of my new games and put your name on my mailing list before you leave. Lots of Reindeer hugs,
Santa Claus


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Пошли письмо другу! Или Санте! http://www.northpole.com/Mailroom/Postcards/PCintro.asp


Санта на Северном Полюсе. http://www.northpole.com/


Send Santa a letter and he’ll write you back
Read stories about Santa, the elves, and the reindeer
Disco Dancing Santa
Print stories & color the pages
Personalize a story with YOU as the star
Christmas Countdown Calendar with fun activities
Chat with Santa’s elves, Bonnie and Bif, through ElfChat℠
Print a Good Deeds Calendar
FREE wallpaper to download
Visit the Elf Clubhouse for fun games to play
Send holiday e-cards to your friends, family, and teachers
NORAD’s Santa Tracker
(Dec. 24th)

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Транскрипция. Знаки. http://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/try/activities/phonemic-chart


Клише. http://utopia.knoware.nl/users/sybev/cliche/cliche.htm


The Book of Clichés is here thanks to the inspiring enthusiasm of my good irc-friend Creamsicl.

The Book of Clichés lists phrases to say in times of trouble in a number of categories. It all started when I was in an unpleasant situation for a while, and found myself saying things like listed here, apparently in order to convince myself of something. I was not sure if it helped, but I realized that there are phrases for most of the painful situations. So I put some of them together and published them on my website.

Since The Book of Clichés first appeared on the internet in late 1996, it has grown into one of the classic cliché-sites and has won numerous internet awards.

Many people have contributed by sending me clichés. Thank you all. Look here for a list of contributors.


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Грамматика. http://www.bbc.co.uk/skillswise/words/grammar/


'Nicole ate her chips slowly'.
Use adverbs to say more about verbs. Making sentences
Practise making simple sentences and learn about what a sentence is.

Save your friend from a nasty accident by putting the apostrophes in the right place.
E.g. Mary's bike isn't in the shed. Putting sentences together
'I like to read while I am eating.'
Learn to write more interesting sentences by joining sentences together.

Personal pronouns
Is it 'they' or 'them' or 'I' or 'me'?
Learn to write better sentences with personal pronouns. Getting the right tense
'I walk, I walked, I will walk.'
Talk about yesterday, today and tomorrow by working out which tense to use where.

Verb-subject agreement
'She like chocolate' or 'she likes chocolate'?
Make sure you get the right verb form.

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10 класс. 2 тема. Боги древности. http://goddessesandgod.blogspot.com/

Ancient egyptian gods and goddesses
Ancient egyptian gods and goddesses worshiping is dating in ancient times of pre-dynastic Egypt.Tribes that later formed Egypt that we know ...
Gods and goddesses of Egypt
Gods and godesses of Egypt were often represented as animals or other forces of nature.Here you can find list of gods and goddesses of egypt...http://dreamsoftdesign.by.ru/egypt/img/bogi.jpg
Sumerian Gods and Goddesses
The Sumerans belived that Gods controll the earth and sky,they respresented them as beings with good intentions.Altought Sumerans belived th...
Ancient Gods and Goddesses
This Blog is created for every one who wants to know little about ancient Gods And Goddesses and all interesting history parts where they ..

САЙТ УЧИТЕЛЯ! http://bryndina.info/


Тесты по английскому языку
Литература на английском языке
Практические упражнения по английскому языку
Сайты русских общин за границей
Газеты и журналы на английском языке
Учебная литература
Видеокурсы, курсы на DVD, CD-ROM
Страноведение. Новая Зеландия. Австралия. Канада
Страноведение. Великобритания
Страноведение. США
Грамматика английского языка
Специалистам. Техника перевода
Детям. Школьникам. Студентам
Учебники и учебные пособия
Устные темы по английскому языку
Домашнее чтение. Литература на английском языке
Авторы: A - G
Авторы: H - R
Авторы: S - Z
Познавательная литература
Сборники произведений

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Религии! Для 10х классов! http://www.mrdowling.com/605westr.html


We study different religious faiths in order to understand other people. Many people have strong religious convictions, and it would be impossible to understand them without first understanding their beliefs.

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are monotheistic faiths practiced by about half of the world’s population. Monotheism refers to the belief in one God. The faiths are often called western religions to distinguish them from the eastern religions practiced primarily in Asia. Believers in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are found on every populated continent, but tend to be concentrated in North and South America, Europe, Australia, Western Asia and North Africa. Christianity and Islam are growing influences in sub-Saharan Africa, often replacing indigenous faiths.

Грамматика. http://web2.uvcs.uvic.ca/elc/studyzone/grammar.htm


Grammar lessons and exercises from all levels are here.

Conjunctions, Transitions, and Linking

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Тест по английскому. Пройди за 20 минут. 

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Практикуем английский. http://www.englishpractice.com/


Recent Articles
What are homographs and homophones
What exactly is standard English?
Come and Go
Future tense in English
Nouns, noun phrases and noun clauses
If clauses – alternate forms
Neither, Nor and Neither…nor
Have: Common expressions
Idioms and phrasal verbs with take
As if and as though
Difference between almost and nearly
Formal and informal speech and writing
Prepositions before particular words and expressions
Phrasal Verbs Quiz
Both and Both of
The difference between would and should