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10 класс. 2 тема. Боги древности. http://goddessesandgod.blogspot.com/

Ancient egyptian gods and goddesses
Ancient egyptian gods and goddesses worshiping is dating in ancient times of pre-dynastic Egypt.Tribes that later formed Egypt that we know ...
Gods and goddesses of Egypt
Gods and godesses of Egypt were often represented as animals or other forces of nature.Here you can find list of gods and goddesses of egypt...http://dreamsoftdesign.by.ru/egypt/img/bogi.jpg
Sumerian Gods and Goddesses
The Sumerans belived that Gods controll the earth and sky,they respresented them as beings with good intentions.Altought Sumerans belived th...
Ancient Gods and Goddesses
This Blog is created for every one who wants to know little about ancient Gods And Goddesses and all interesting history parts where they ..

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