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Death Valley National Park

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This is Phoebe Zimmerman. And this is Steve Ember with the VOA Special English program EXPLORATIONS.
Today we visit one of America's great national parks. It is a place of strange and silent beauty. As beautiful as this place is, its name provides evidence of very real danger. Come with us as we visit Death Valley.Death Valley is a land of beautiful yet dangerous extremes. There are mountains that reach more than 3,000 meters into the sky. There is a place called Badwater that is the lowest area of land in the Western Hemisphere. If there were water there, it would be 86 meters below the level of the ocean.
Death Valley can be dangerously cold during the winter months. Storms in the mountains can produce sudden flooding on the floor of the Valley.
The air temperature during the summer has been as high as 57 degrees Celsius. The sun can heat the ground so that the temperature of the rocks and soil can be as high as 74 degrees Celsius.
The extreme heat of Death Valley has killed people in the past.  It will continue to kill those who do not honor this extreme climate. Death Valley does not forgive those who are not careful.


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