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Сочинения FCE — What can we do to protect animals from becoming extinct?
29.12.2009 11:40 — yuliaulyankina

Global animal extinction is an ongoing concern which most nations have encountered. Fortunatelly, there is a number of ways to preserve endangered species and maintain biodiversity.
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Сочинения FCE — My Future Profession (a letter)
01.12.2009 13:23 — elizabeth

Dear Johnny,
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Сочинения FCE — Banning cars in the city centre
30.10.2009 17:37 — yuliaulyankina

The subject of banning cars in city centres is very controversial. It seems to be that measures such as banning are of social utility for a number of reasons.
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КОНКУРС СОЧИНЕНИЙ!!! — Neighbours (Artyom Alsufyev)
19.04.2009 18:09 — AA

Upstream/ W.B. / Ex.25 (A) p.33
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КОНКУРС СОЧИНЕНИЙ!!! — Neighbours (Artyom Alsufyev)
19.04.2009 18:06 — AA

All is not gold that glitters (ex. 25A p.33 W-B)
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Сочинения CAE — Upstream Advanced W.b. p. 72, ex. 11b (Бомштейн А.)
17.04.2009 16:18 — sasha31

A friend indeed.

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