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Guessing game
1. Hide a picture flashcard behind your back (so pupils cannot see it) and ask pupils to guess what it is. 
Pupil. A lion? 
Teacher. Yes/No. 
As pupils learn more English, their questions can change to. 
Pupil. Is it an apple? 
Teacher. Yes, it is. / No, it is not. 

2. Start to draw an object on the board and after each line ask pupil to guess what it is. 
The pupil who guesses correctly can draw the next picture. 

3. I am a Spy.
One pupil decides on a word (something in the classroom, in a picture, or on a pictute flashcard) and says the letter it begins with. The class try to guess the word, asking: 
Is it a book? Is it a bin? 
The first pupil to guess correctly is the next to decide on a word.

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