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Ошибки, ошибки, ошибки. http://www.simonf.com/lang/mistakes_russian_koi.html


Mistakes in English frequently made by Russians

This document is a part of The Seagull Guide, a set of recommendations on studying foreign languages.

My name is Simon, and my real Russian name is Vsevolod. I will appreciate any additions to this list of common mistakes. Just email me.

Contents of this page:
(x) shows the number of enries

Words same in Russian
but different in English (29) Word order (8) Non-trivial translation
(idioms) (28)
Prepositions (16) No preposition in English (3) No preposition in Russian (9) Pronouns (10) Articles (3)
Verb tenses (9) Verbs in indefinite form (7) Adjectives / adverbs (1) Exceptions (1) Awkward sentences (1)

The story of this page (and where to find more examples).

Send me YOUR examples!!!

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