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Английский в мультиках.http://www.cartoonenglish.tv/?gclid=CPmJ9KKEqagCFcSCDgod1zdhHA


cartoonenglish.tv Welcome to Cartoon English

Chat with Maggie
Conversation Practice Activity for English students:
focus on writing and listening

Hi, let’s chat. What would you like to talk about? Type it in the blank on the left.

The key concept in the Communicative method for teaching English as a Second Language is “meaningful”. Our virtual hostess, Maggie, is programmed with Artificial Intelligence, AI, so she never gets tired of your questions. You can have a meaningful chat with her . She is your on call language teacher and conversation partner whenever you have the time to chat she is ready and waiting. All you the student have to do is type in your question. She will type her response as well as say it out loud to you. Learning English online has changed thanks to the advent of AI. Many of our students just come to visit Maggie and chat. Feel free to do the same.

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