среда, 27 апреля 2011 г.

Прочитайте мой рассказ. http://www.readmyshortstory.com/


Welcome to Read My Short Story, where reading, writing and conversation all occur in a community style way. This is a site for unpublished short story/poetry writers to share their works with interested readers. Sharing will hopefully lead to intelligent conversation and civilized discussion of each story, its merits, faults, characters, style, etc., which in turn will enrich the writer and aid him/her in developing works which one day may be noticed and/or published if said writer is discovered and so desires to pursue publishing.

As a minimum, this site should offer the opportunity for writers to share their works so that they do not sit stale and unloved in a drawer or electronic file. Writing is a work of devotion which includes love, sweat, toil and nurturing, all which should be respected.

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