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Грамматика в мультфильмах.http://www.englishtenseswithcartoons.com/


Learn English Tenses

Hello and welcome to EnglishTensesWithCartoons.com! A few years ago, when I was studying English, I thought to myself: "Wouldn't it be great if there was a website focused solely on the English tenses?". The subject of English Tenses is a vast and difficult one, so surely it deserves its own special place on the Internet! This is how this website was born.
I'm writing a book
one of the new interactive stories ]
To make the website more interesting, I enriched each of the 12 tenseswith some funny animations (cartoons). So, what is the goal of ETC? In short, to make learning the 12 English tenses as easy as possible! At this stage, ETC is useful, but it still needs some work. So, your contribution is highly appreciated!
Cheers, Mark

English tenses

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