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Уроки и грамматика с Зозангой. http://www.zozanga.com/


Грамматика. Уроки. Аудирование.

]Unit 1Am/is/are + what/who?
Introductions, greetings and farewells
People and places + where?
The alphabet + names
Numbers 1-10

[+]Unit 2More about people + titles
Present continuous - positive
Present continuous - negative
Present continuous - question

[+]Unit 3Present simple - positive
Present simple - negative
Present simple - question
Present simple & present continuous
More numbers 11-20

[+]Unit 4Time 1 - on the hour
Time 2 - quarter past, half past etc.
Time 3 - opening times when
Days of the week
Even more numbers 21-1000

[+]Unit 5Months of the year
Ordinal numbers
The seasons
Appearances 1 - height, build etc. + to have
Appearances 2 - facial features

[+]Unit 6Adjectives for people and places
Possesive adjectives
Today, yesterday, tomorrow
Simple past - positive
Simple past - negative

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