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My Neologisms. http://www.wordspy.com/diversions/neologisms.asp


This page presents a list of the words and phrases that I've coined. Note that, in some cases, the word is an old one and I've coined a new meaning (see, for example, megacity).

lexpionage, adj.
Lexical espionage; the sleuthing of new words and phrases, especially as practiced by The Word Spy.

squirrel gardening, adj.
The accidental "gardening" that occurs when squirrels transfer seeds and bulbs from one one part of a garden to another, or even between gardens.

copyrighteous, adj.
Relating to a feeling of moral superiority based on one's responsible copyright views and actions.

bad tongue day, noun
A day in which a person frequently mispronounces words and stumbles over sentences.

self-coin, verb
To coin an already existing word that you didn't know about.
—self-coinage n.

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