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materials for your classes and students.http://www.eslgold.com/


Подготовка к экзаменам, разговорные фразы, грамматика, лексика, произношение. Сайт хороший. Стоит проработать.
For the Teacher

ESLgold.net provides you with thousands of ideas and materials for your classes and students. Whether you're looking for lesson plans, handouts or new ideas, you've come to the right place. ESLgold offers tons of resources for both the ESL and EFL environment. Save hours of preparation time. Why bother searching all over the Internet for answers or ideas, when so much of it has already been done for you? ESLgold is a virtual library of English teaching materials that you can adapt to fit your individual classrooms and students.

Need something to keep your students busy in the multimedia lab? Why not assign online homework from ESLgold.net? (We have vocabulary study and quizzes, grammar and pronunciation exercises, speaking practice, etc.) Or choose games and activities to make the learning process more fun. Also, look into our expanding selection of English teaching Software and CD-ROMs. You'll find a virtual gold mine of materials at the click of a mouse.

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